Communication Skills Tips

Become a superb communicator with 5 easy techniques

Communication skills are the key to success in many areas of life, whether at work or socially.

It is true that some people seem better at communicating than others. Why is this?

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a rut because you can’t get a conversation going.  Successful communication opens doors and makes things happen.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Simply by following a few easy to remember guidelines you’ll start to improve your communication skills.


1.       Stop talking and listen

We all know people who never stop talking. Don’t be one of them!  Really let yourself listen to the person you are with and you’ll find they give you lots of conversation ‘cues and clues’ to pick up on.

2.       Empathise

Seems basic doesn’t it?  Well it is basic to all good communication. People feel a lot happier when they have been ‘heard and understood’.  Pick up on the emotions being communicated, not just the information.

3.       Eye contact

Making good eye contact at the start of a communication lets your partner know you are ready to engage and ready to listen.  Failed communication often occurs when it is half hearted.

4.       Mirror

Listen with your whole body, not just your ears.  Gently mirror your partner’s body language and shape.  Don’t mimic, but allow your gesture, tone and shape to correspond with theirs.  This will get things flowing.

5.       Smile

Simple. A sincere smile is a warm opening gambit guaranteed to get anyone on your side, even if the conversation ahead is going to be tricky.

These are basic tips for successful communication, but it’s easy to forget them in the heat of the moment. Start practising today, and soon they will become brilliant communication habits.

Communication is not something for which there is a defined formula; the best communicators are those with flexibility.  They go with the flow.