Influencing Stakeholders Tips

Become influential in any line of work

We are constantly consciously or unconsciously influencing or being influenced.  Refresh your approach in an open structured way, tailoring the style as needed.


1.       Neutral

It sounds obvious, but working from a sense of neutral, physical openness will ground you and help clarify the bigger picture before attempting to influence.  Think about how you want to come across as a calm centred individual, passionate and enthusiastic but realistic in your goals.  Considering your physicality, your tone of voice and natural open body language will only support your case in influencing.


2.       Power

What power do you have?  Your personality, your character, your friendship and alignment through working relationships are powerful.Realise what power you have beyond the personal.  Even if you feel that you are lacking in positional power, does your objective give you an authority to not only influence down the chain but upwards too?


3.       Look for support

Are there colleagues in allegiance, who can assist?  Can you gather support to influence even the most resistant?  Listen for signals of interest and make people feel they have been genuinely heard and that they are involved.


4.       Foot in the door

If the ‘ask’ feels too great, work on the objective in stages.  Getting someone to come around to your way of thinking in a gradual way, with realisation of the benefits, is often a good way of ensuring long-term engagement and commitment.


These are some basic tips for successful influencing, but it’s easy to feel that you lack power.  Inhabiting belief in the benefits of achieving your objective will focus your language and success in communication.