How we work

People often ask us why we are called Opposite Leg Creative Training and Development.  The best way to answer this is to tell you a bit about how we work, and our approach to helping you.



We are constantly creative in our approach to developing your team.  Our training is never standard, chalk and talk or lecture style. It’s lively, interactive and playful. It is designed to encourage freedom and exploration.  

We always find imaginative ways to help you learn new skills and bring a vibrant energy to the training room which enables all trainees to find their own creativity and personal style.



Training as at the heart of what we do.  We train you and your team in essential business communication skills, giving them the tools they need to make the most of presentations, pitches, meetings and interpersonal communication of all kinds.

The techniques we teach ensure that all trainees have the awareness and ability to maximise their personal impact and authentically embody their own values and those of your organisation.



Our work, however, is more than just training - it is also personal development.  Part of our skill lies in quickly understanding the needs of each individual in the training room and personalising the course to help them gain the most from it.  We believe in placing the trainee’s needs at the centre of the sessions we create, giving everyone the chance to take the next steps in their own learning journey.

We are often called upon to give one-to-one coaching in presenting, personal impact and communication skills, and this coaching element remains heavily present in the group training sessions we deliver too. 

This blend of creativity, skills training and personal development makes our work stand out, and means that we deliver hugely rewarding and inspiring training for our clients.


Why Opposite Leg?

Our name can be interpreted in many ways - which is why we like it.

It’s about being off balance, and then finding your feet again.

It’s about feeling out of your comfort zone, and being supported as you develop the skills you need to succeed.

It’s about approaching communication from the other side, from a different angle and seeing a situation in a new light.

It’s also about the fact that in a past life as actors both David and Guy were terrible dancers and always needed to be on the opposite leg.

But above all, it’s about playfulness, creativity and improvisation.

These are the core qualities we believe in and bring to organisations like yours.