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Art of Presenting - Presentation Skills Training


"It was the best training I have ever done." 

Art of Presenting delegate, Barracudas Charity, 2013



We’ve all sat through boring presentations, and there’s no excuse for it!  In today's business world you cannot afford to be without this one day cracker of a course.

Become a presenting pro with this proven formula, which gives you the key techniques to be a successful, fearless presenter, whether you're presenting a sales pitch to ten people, delivering a key note speech to ten thousand or giving a one-to-one interview.

The training’s core focus is performance - although many of the techniques have a lasting impact on presentation preparation and creation too.  The goal is to get you feeling good about being in front of a crowd.  And, to get the crowd feeling good about you in return.


Work with company directors David Windle or Guy Michaels for a high level of specialist training

  • Conquer your nerves

  • Enhance your presence

  • Engage your audience

  • Deliver with impact

  • Make the perfect pitch

The benefits for you and your team:

•    Deal with nerves and embody assuredness
•    Experience relaxation in front of an audience
•    Improve your vocal tone
•    Connect easily with an audience
•    Orientate to any size of performance space
•    Activate and energise your performance
•    Improvise and be flexible
•    Handle tricky questions
•    Build rapport 
•    Hone your key message
•    Speak with confidence, clarity and dynamism
•    Learn open assertive body language
•    Enjoy presenting 


Delivery:  In-house training / one to one coaching / public course
Pricing:  Contact us to discuss your needs

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