Public Speaking Coaching

Public Speaking Coaching - Listen on the page or download at your convenience

This free presentation skills and public speaking course will give you the fundamental building blocks needed to make a successful speech or presentation. Beginning with the essential components of confidence and presence, over the course of the coaching sessions you'll learn to create and deliver dynamic presentations to any audience.

Think of these audio sessions as your personal public speaking coach and make sure you keep practising all the skills until they become second nature.

If you have a speech or a presentation looming in the near future, then these short coaching sessions will give you the confidence you need to succeed.


Session 1 - CONFIDENCE

Learn the essential physical skills needed to feel confident and at ease in front of any audience.


Session 2 - Presence

Build your presence, charisma and connection with your audience with a few easy techniques.


Session 3 - Gravitas

Enhance your ability to appear confident, credible and authoritative without losing your playfulness when public speaking.


Session 4 - Clarity

Being clear and understood is a fundamental public speaking skill. You'll learn to be in all situations.


Session 5 - Audience

Coming soon...

Transform your presentation content into dynamic, impactful communication and leave your audience inspired.



Session 6 - Public speaking quick tips

Coming soon...

Recap all the key public speaking skills mentioned over the audio coaching sessions.